About Us
How Barker Bus All Started

It all started in approximately 1988, with a single minibus doing a daily contract. Started by Peter and his mother, Shirley Barker.

Over the years to follow, as the fleet and work increased more of the family, alongside other staff joined all working together for this family run business.

As the first years passed, the vehicles where upgraded to a larger variety of sizes and types, also introducing double deckers to their fleet, it wasn’t many years until the company ventured into Continental trips and tours with the purchase of their first new touring coach to follow shortly in 1995.

From here on Barker Bus has been building a good reputation and a sound base of knowledge Up to date, it is still family run by Peter and his sons and they have made a lot of upgrades.

In approximately 2015, they where seen to have a major fleet change, especially with their decker’s, seeing new ones of higher capacity being introduce.

The family’s aim going into the future is to keep up with the times (just introduced wifi on to some vehicles), but at the same time provide the public with a cost effective, reliable, quality service.