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If you are a school, academy, college or even a work place that requires a new service or contract to be carried out to transport students or workers to or from a specific area to your organisation, we are able to work alongside you to try and organise a new service for you, or carry out a contract for you.

From just providing the coaches to fully managing services, we are able to work along side your organisation in creating and running bespoke services. Whether you require smart ticketing, WIFI or have another request we are able to offer packages suited to your needs.

All passengers need to be at their stops 10 minutes before the below times

“By using our services, you automatically agree to our T&C’s”

If you cannot find a service which covers your current pick up point to St. Mary's R.C School, please feel free to fill in a seat request form to be placed on a waiting list for a potential new service.

When quoting stop and service please insert waiting list and your purposed stop.


Late Bus- St Mary’s Bishops Stortford – 

This service is not currently being run as there are no clubs due to Covid-19, please watch here for more information.

For details on how to pre-book a place of for more information, call 01279 793800

BB3 and BB4 (Amended Covid-19 Times for September) Hoddesdon and Ware to St. Mary's R.C School

BarkerBus Depot, Roydon – 7.20am – NOW 7.30am

Bus Stop Opposite BP on A1170 (Ware Rd) – 7.30am – NOW 7.45am

Hailey View Bus Stop nr. Chemist on Ware Road -7.33am – NOW 7.49am

(Near Station Road) Viaduct Road, Ware – 7.40am – NOW 7.55am

The Priory, High Street Ware – 7.44am – NOW 7.59am

Opp. Kingsway, Wadesmill Rd, Ware – 7.48am – NOW 8.02am

Opp. Wodson Park, Wadesmill Rd, Ware – 7.50am – NOW 8.04am

Standon A120 Bus Stop, Jnct. with Barwick Rd – 8.00am – NOW 8.12am

ETA. St Mary’s, B.Stortford – 8.15am – NOW 8.30am

PM Route reverse of AM route departing St Mary’s approx. between 15.30-15.40 – NOW 3.15pm

Please Note- Due to the temporary one way system in operation through Ware High Street we have temporary alternatives in place for the morning journey. This does not affect the afternoon journey.

Option 1 - We pick up opposite AutoCare (slightly down from Ware Food Centre on B1001 and by entrance to Ware Fire Station @ 8am (Mornings Only)

Option 2 - As this is not suited to all we also have a coach which currently covers Ware Priory and Station (reversed from normal for one way system) which feeds the BB3/4 service for onwards travel (Mornings Only)

The coach serves all stops as normal in the afternoon

1xAM Run and 1xPM Run

If you wish to enquire about a place, pricing, times or where your closest stop is, please email us

BB5 - Waltham Cross and East Cheshunt to St. Mary's R.C School

Waltham Cross Bus Station – 07-27

Theobalds Grove Station Bus Stop - 07-30

Bus stop before the Old Pound Cheshunt - 07-32

The old English gentleman - 07-35

Cadmore Lane (Bus Stop) - 07-38

Turnford High St. Opposite Thomas Roch. Way - 07-42

The Bull Pub - 07-44

Standon - 08-00

ETA to St. Mary's R.C school, Bishops Stortford 8.20am approx

PM route in reverse leaving school at 3.20pm approx.

1xAM run and 1xPM

BB6 (Amended Covid-19 Times for September) Nazeing, Goffs Oak & West Cheshunt to St. Mary's R.C School

Nazeing Shops – 7.05am

Mill Lane, Broxbourne – NOW 7.10am

Opp. Broxbourne Council Offices, Churchgate, Cheshunt – PM ONLY

Dewhurst Rd Bust Stop, Churchgate- PM ONLY

Bays/Bus Stop on Goff’s Lane between Churchgate and Lieutenant Ellis Way roundabouts), B156 – NOW 7.22am AM ONLY

Newgate Street (Fish and Chip Shop) – 7.26am – NOW 7.30am

Hammond Street Bus Turnaround – 7.29am – NOW 7.34am

Hammond Street Bus stop by Tesco’s – PM ONLY

Dig Dag Hill Bus Stop – 7.33am – NOW 7.37am

The Box Hair Dressers – 7.37am – NOW 7.41am

The Jolly Bricklayers – 7.40am – NOW 7.45am AM ONLY

Nr. Cemetery, Ware Road, Hoddesdon (if required) – 7.50am – NOW 7.55am if required

Hailey View Bus stop, Ware Road, Hoddesdon – (If extra capacity required)

ETA. St Mary’s, B.Stortford – 8.25am – NOW 8.31am

PM route reverse of AM route leaving St Mary’s at approx. 15.30-15.40 – NOW 3.15pm

1xAM Run and 1xPM Run

If you wish to enquire about a place, pricing, times or where your closest stop is, please email us

BB1 Waltham Abbey to Robert Barclay Academy

This route picks up in various places in Waltham Abbey and goes to Robert Barclay Academy, Hoddesdon

1xAM Run and 1xPM Run

If you wish to enquire about this route, please contact the school directly.